Your bird's vacation destination!

Here at Mochi's Treehouse we are dedicated to providing a comfortable and enriching environment that caters to the unique requirements of each bird in our care. Our facility is designed to ensure that every guest enjoys a safe, welcoming, and stimulating stay, filled with plenty of activities and personalized attention. Trust us to be your bird's home away from home, where they will receive the utmost care and affection.


Accommodations & Amenities

We offer quality cages, covers, perches, and a variety of foods including Zupreem FruitBlend pellets, Wings of the World seed blends, fresh fruits, veggies, and assorted treats—like the air-popped popcorn that so many of our guests rave about on Instagram! You're welcome to bring any special foods your birds prefer during their stay, such as chop, bean mixes, or other brands of pellets and seeds. If your bird requires oral or topical medications, please bring these along to ensure continuous care. Note that we do not administer medications by injection at our facility.

For our guests' entertainment, we play music in all our rooms throughout the day and have story time before covering at night. Feel free to bring your bird's favorite toys to help them feel at home and entertained. Not only is it great for entertainment, but they love having show-and-tell with their neighbors as well!

Grooming is a complimentary service offered during boarding. When you drop off your bird, please let us know which grooming services you would like done. Grooming is provided by the Wings of the World staff.

Health & Safety

For the health and safety of all our guests, the following are required for boarding:

  • A once-in-a-lifetime psittacosis test.
  • A veterinary check-up within the last year.

Documentation for these requirements can be emailed in advance by you or your vet to our office, or brought in paper form at the time of your bird's arrival; we will make a copy for our records.

Additionally, we ask for all birds to be brought in carriers. These carriers should be left with us during their stay to ensure we have a safe means of transportation in case of an emergency.

Daily Boarding Rates

Crash the Handsome

Small Birds

Finches, Canaries, Budgies
Cockatiels, Green Cheeks, Lovebirds
Dobie the Inquisitive

Medium Birds

Senegals, Aratinga Conures, Pionus
Amazons, Greys, Goffins, Eclectus
Boris the Brave

Large Birds

Macaws (Full-Size)

Got questions?

Drop us a line and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or if your bird requires any special accomodations that you would like to discuss prior to making a reservation.

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