Welcome to Mochi‘s!

Our newly-renovated facility in Bothell, WA warmly welcomes all of your pet birds for boarding, from finches to macaws. Providing a safe, caring, healthy environment for your birds is our highest priority.

About Us

Mochi's Treehouse came to life to fulfill the continued need for quality, caring boarding for exotic birds upon the closure of the brick-and-mortar bird store that for decades provided this service for the greater Seattle area. Kat, a long-term volunteer with that store's boarding program, and her husband Jay embraced the opportunity to carry on the tradition of serving the exotic bird community in this way.

We are located at 10230 E Riverside Dr in Bothell, in a facility newly renovated with the health, hygiene, and safety needs of our bird friends specifically in mind. From separate climate controls on each floor to a state-of-the-art security system, our goal is to provide the very best environment for your bird's time away from home.

As bird people ourselves, we love and enjoy our time with them - we strive to get to know your birds not only by name, but by personality. Favorite snacks, favorite games, favorite music... these comforts make a stay at Mochi's Treehouse something to look forward to. Come for the boarding; stay for the cockatoo Jpop dance party!

Boarding Rates & Information

Small Birds

Finches, Canaries, Budgies
Cockatiels, Green Cheeks, Lovebirds

Medium Birds

Senegals, Aratinga Conures, Pionus
Amazons, Greys, Goffins, Eclectus

Large Birds

Macaws (Full-Size)

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Boarding Information

We provide cages, perches, and foods - Zupreem FruitBlend pellets, Wings of the World seed blends, and fresh fruits/veggies/treats. You may bring your bird's cage if you prefer, any special/other foods you would like your bird to be fed during their stay, oral and/or topical medications your bird requires, and a favorite toy or two (or five; we won't judge). To ensure all our guests feel at home, we play music in all our rooms throughout the day, and we have story time at bedtime.

For the health and safety of everyone's beloved birds, the following are required in order to board:

  • A once-in-a-lifetime psittacosis test
  • A veterinary check-up within the last year

This information can be emailed to us ahead of time by you or your vet, or you may bring the paperwork when you come in; we'll make a copy for your file.

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Bird Grooming—Wings, Beak, and Nails

Clancy, world's friendliest bird!

Grooming is complimentary with boarding—when you bring your birds in for their stay, let us know if you would like wings, beak, and/or nails done and we will have that taken care of before you pick them up.

Grooming outside of boarding is handled by appointment only, and done by Joan and Ron from Wings of the World. They are here on specific dates with time slots available during our business hours. Click the button below for the scheduling calendar and reserve your spot!


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